VisionX LED 8.7" 90-Watt Light Cannon

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6.7 front.jpg

VisionX LED 8.7" 90-Watt Light Cannon

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Why Cannon

The 220 millimeter (8.7") artillery from Vision X Lighting marks another groundbreaking move by the progressive light manufacture, as they have continued their exclusive alliance with Luminus, the world's leading big chip LED manufacture. This is the first Single Source LED light to achieve 1000 meters or 3280 feet of usable light. Like the other Cannon LED Series lights (4.5" & 6.7"), the new 8.7” Light Cannon supports snap on filters to change beam and color, turning this light into 20 lights in 1. The rugged single-bolt mounting platform ensures a strong hold under high vibration, while the Hybrid Aluminum/Polycarbonate housing is engineered for extreme environments.

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Key Features

>3280' of Usable Light

>90 Watt Luminus Single LED for Smoothest Pattern

>10 Degree Narrow Beam, Optional Snap on Filters

>Universal Single Bolt Mounting

>Ultra Lightwieght Hybrid Construction

>Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology

>Singe Lights and Kits Available